Romp Hype Red

Hype G-spot vibrator This G-spot vibrator is special: ROMP Hype features a unique, ergonomic design and a plush tip that fits that hits the spot. Safe and soft to the touch, ROMP Hype is perfect for everyone that wants to discover a new type of orgasm.

ROMP Hype: A G-spot vibrator that lives up to the hype This G-spot vibrator is special: thanks to the ergonomic shape and the particularly soft tip, Hype ensures particularly intense orgasms. Have you always wanted to explore your body in peace? Then take some me-time and grab ROMP Hype. As a couple, you can go on a very special journey of discovery. So that no annoying noises disturb you – after all, it’s only about you two – ROMP Hype is whisper-quiet and thus enables undisturbed pampering. Six vibration modes let you decide for yourself how intensely you are feeling. Sometimes we enjoy gentle stimulation, sometimes it can be a little more intense. Each day you can choose the vibration that you feel like! However, there is still one small decision to be made: which of the six vibration modes do you want today. Gentle or powerful?

6 vibration modes, 4 pattern modes, rechargeable, waterproof, whisper quiet, soft tip, flexible form. COLOR: RED
Vibrators > G Spot
Purchase:  Price: $35.00

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